Helping Others At Their Time Of Most Need

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By Pam Folse

The death of her neighbors’ young son touched Theresa Roussel of Grand Point very deeply. He was the same age as her own daughter and she wanted desperately to do something to help them. Not knowing exactly what to do, she decided to do what she could. She cooked and took them gumbo, potato salad, cake and bread.

Months went by and there was another death. So, she cooked again. With some gentle but firm nudging from Aimee Brady, as Miss Brady was known to do well and often, Theresa’s desire to help became a regular ministry. What began as an act of goodwill over 30 years ago has now developed into a service that she provides regularly for people who live in Grand Point and Paulina.

At about the same time, Anna Lea Oubre and a few of her neighbors and friends wanted to provide food for a couple in Gramercy who were ill and needed some extra support. What she and her friends did 27 years ago, she continues today in the Gramercy area.


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